A political statement from a non US running brand? Yes, a political statement from Rough Motion against the fake leader of the free world. Keep reading. Why we do this? Because we have always been very aware and careful with the one single aspect of policy that man gets terribly wrong (and it affects EVERYONE): global warming. 


We care about our world; it is our home. Everyone's home, YOUR home. Yet Trump, the single most influential person on global scale politics, is a global warming denier, and keeps reverting laws to benefit short term economic growth -despite the long term irreversible damages. He doesn't care that this is YOUR home... He thinks he owns your home. Are you OK with that?

On November the 3rd he's running for president again, and four more years of his non-sensical climate policy could easily be putting the last nails on the earth's coffin -the death of YOUR home. Are you OK with that? 

We created the R.A.T. Collection to raise awareness and our manifesto is written in the back of every t-shirt. Because we're NOT OKAY WITH THAT. So every time you walk or run with our top and someone notices it you can proudly say why you're wearing it. You can say "I'm protecting our home".

NOT JUST NICE WORDS: 100% of R.A.T.s benefits will be going to environmental conservation programs and sustainability projects. 

It is time you raised the game against global warming.

R.A.Y.A team